Tuesday, 21 February 2017

What’s in my make-up bag this month?

The answer is a lot. I find it really hard to pick favourites when it comes to putting things into a little bag. There are just so many things that I might need. So usually I have a reshuffle just before a new season, and since the weather has been so sunny recently, I’ve given my bag an early spring clean. 

I love all the trends coming out for spring/summer 2017. All the different textures of blushers, the lip balms and oils (see my post on the amazing new YSL ones here), and the highlighters. It's all feeling so much brighter and fresher in comparison to winter - and I love it.

So what’s new in my bag this month? A few things I think you might like, so I’ll talk you through them.

Lottie London Shimmer Squad // £9.95

Lottie, as a brand, has really snuck up on me. Just the other month they launched their first full make-up collection - before that they only had temporary tattoos, brushes and accessories. And considering they’re aimed at teens and early twenties, their make-up range is really affordable and very good. I’d really recommend giving their Got It Covered concealer a try - I use it under my eyes and it’s the perfect consistency. But what I like most from the collection is this highlighter palette. It has four powder shades of white, cream, champagne and bronze highlighters - all with a slight shimmer to them. Since I’ve been using it (mainly the champagne shade), I’ve had so many of my friends ask me what product I put on my cheekbones (the highest compliment). The powder transfers onto the skin so quickly, and you only need a tiny bit to get a really good glow. 

Laura Mercier Joie de Vivre blusher // £29

I’ve got two blushers in this round-up because I love them both. This one from Laura Mercier feels like a proper grown-up make-up addition. My mum used to use the brand and it was always on her bathroom shelf when I was younger, so I still associate it with her (and being totally grown up!). The colour of this is what I love most about it though - it’s a really subtle coral pink, so it doesn’t give you a big stripy patch, it blends out giving your cheeks a soft flush of colour. I really like it paired with the Lottie highlighter - I think the two blend perfectly together (the champagne glow with the coral pop). The blusher is matte, which I like as well. I prefer to use the highlighter to add shimmer and not my blush or powders, as that can give you an overly shiny complexion.

Milani Rose Powder Blush // £11.99

Okay, I’ll admit, I’m completely in love with this mainly because it looks like a beautiful rose. How can anyone resist such a perfect product? This shade is brighter than the Laura Mercier one, though still matte in texture. When I find the time to put some fake tan on, then this comes out because the brighter pink highlights a golden skin tone really well. If you have darker skin then this might transfer better onto your skin too, as it’s a more saturated colour. It doesn’t apply AS easily as the LM one - I find I have to swirl my brush in it quite heavy-handedly to get it to pick up enough of the product. Both last on my skin all day though, so there’s pros to each.

Giorgio Armani Powder Fabric foundation SPF 25 // £40

I’ve been raving about this over on my Instagram, and since I got sent it two weeks ago, I’ve been using it pretty much every day. I have extremely combination skin - it can be dry and flakey but still get really shiny in the day. I usually have to blot every hour to stop my foundation from slipping, but my skin has been so much more manageable since swapping my regular foundation for this one. I think the powdery texture of it means it’s absorbing some of that oil - but the best thing I’ve found is it doesn’t pick up dry patches either, it skims over them to make them less noticeable - which is rare to find a foundation that works on flakey skin AND oily skin. Someone asked me on Instagram if I preferred it to their Luminous Silk foundation - and I do. The luminous does exactly as it says - it lights up my skin, and I use it all the time in the summer when I don’t actually mind my face looking a little bit shinier. But for every day coverage, I can’t fault this powder formula. 

Lottie London Glossip girl // Shade: Bae Friend // £5.95

Another quick thing I wanted to mention from Lottie’s new range is their Glossip Girl lipsticks. They are up there with some of my absolute favourite lip collections. I was talking in my last blog post about how I’m so happy to see more wearable textures of lipsticks coming out, because I’m a little bit over mattes (love them, but for spring, I prefer something a little softer and glossier). These are the perfect half-way ground between a balm and a matte - more like a cream. They give such great, pigmented colour but still feel really soft on my lips. The colour lasts a long time, leaving a tint even when the actual product has worn off, and the tube applicator is so easy to apply on the move. Honestly, just go in to Superdrug and have a look at the new Lottie range - I’m not being sponsored by them or anything, I’m just really impressed with how high-end their textures and shades are (for a very small price!).

What are you loving coming into spring? I’m always interested to hear how you change your make-up bags up from winter!

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  1. Hey Zoe! Was so nice to meet you yesterday. I'm just having a binge read of you blog posts!
    I have just started using the new Georgio Armarni Foundation... OMG! its brilliant! I actually dont have to powder my face for once! Wore it yesterday for the event and when I got home I actually still had makeup left on my face! ha

    Love Leanne


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