Sunday, 26 March 2017

My blonde to purple hair transformation with L'Oreal Professionnel

If you didn't see it on my socials last month, I went for a really fun and exciting make-over day with L'Oreal Pro, to help them launch their new #ColorfulHair campaign.

If you've been following me for a while then you'll know I'm a blonde through and through, and my idea of a drastic hair change is getting a lighter shade of highlight through my front sections (I know, what a rebel). So when they approached me and asked if I wanted to appear in a seriously bright new campaign, I had to have a little think. The colour they suggested? Purple. PURPLE. Who even has purple hair? Superheroes and those girls with perfect complexions that can pull of a pastel lilac, probably without wearing foundation. I ticked neither of those boxes. 

But I've been going to L'Oreal salons for years now, and I really trust their formulations and colourists - so if I was going to the bright side with anyone, it was going to be them. They also told me the shade wouldn't be permanent, so if I hated it (unlikely), it wouldn't stick around. 

You can see I went for subtle

So what is this new campaign?

In April, a new range of salon 'ultra-chromatic' dyes are launching in eight vibrant shades: Hypnotic Magenta, Pink Sorbet, Sunset Coral, Electric (my shade), Navy Blue, Caribbean Blue, Iced Mint and Crystal Clear (the mixer shade to turn the colours into pastels). All you have to do is go into a L'Oreal Pro salon - you can find your closest one here - and let them know which shade you want to try out.

 How did they do my colour?

What I loved about these new dyes is how personal they are to you - they tailor them completely to what you're looking for, and what your existing shade will suit. I came in with ashy, dark blonde hair with a few grown out highlights (I'm really selling myself here), so the first thing I was told was that I wouldn't be able to get a really light pastel purple without bleaching first - which I didn't want. So, the colourist Francesca from Hari's Salon, who was entrusted with my shade, said my hair would colour to a darker shade of purple, with some lighter pastel tones on the areas I already had highlights.

Great. But wait, how purple are we talking? Top-to-end purple. Gulp. But they showed me some awesome reference shots so I told them to dye away!

What do I need to know before having it done?

A few things, but I think the most important is going into your salon with an open mind. If you come in with a reference photo of light pastel pink flowing hair, and you've got dark brown - then realistically you won't be walking out in a few hours with that same bubblegum shade as your favourite blogger. It will either take you a couple of appointments to lighten it to the right shade and then to add the colour - or you'll have to compromise on a darker version of what you want (like I did). 

Another thing you have to think about is the upkeep. My purple faded quite quickly (around 6 washes, and gone by 10), so if you're thinking of this colour in the long-term, you'll have to get good at using dry shampoo, and going in for a top-up colour every month or so. It's so easy to look at candy-coloured girls on Instagram and think they get their hair so effortlessly, but in reality, those colours take a lot of time and money.

Will the colour damage my hair?

Colour rinses are some of the least damaging dyes out there - and they aren't what will cause your hair to break. Bleach, however, will. But one of the reasons I'm sworn to L'Oreal pro is because they use something called Smartbond, which is added to your dye and used as a treatment to prevent the bleach from weakening the keratin bonds in your hair. Sure, if you're getting a full head of bleach then it's still not the healthiest thing you could be doing, but Smartbond makes a HUGE difference, so if you're bleaching and colouring, pay the extra £20 to have it - it's worth it.

Ready to give it a go yourself? Go on, be brave! #ColourfulHair will be rolling into L'Oreal Pro. salons from April, and in Headmasters salons nationwide as well (from £15, with complimentary consultations.

I'd love to see your snaps so please share them with me on your Instagrams (I'm @Zoes.101).

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