Friday, 10 March 2017

My Instagram beauty favourites of the month

So many to choose from, so very little time to write them all up! I'm off on a ski holiday tomorrow, so as much as I could sit here and list of 100 amazing new beauty bits, I've got to squeeze in a little packing too.

I do this round-up every so often because I find I tell my Instagram followers about some fab new products on a daily basis, but I don't go into much detail (space n'all). So I've had a look through some of my most-liked beauty snaps from the past month and I'll tell you a little more about them here. If there's anything you see on my feed and want a review of, then just drop me a comment and I'll make sure it's in my next favourites post.

Giorgio Armani Si Rose Signature // £69 for 50ml

You've probably seen the old Armani Si fragrance, if not then definitely go check it out because it's one of those classic scents that most people quite like. But if you prefer a fresher, slightly more delicate scent, then this might be for you. I definitely do, so I've swapped out my old Si for this rose version, and it's perfect coming in to spring. It's a lovely blend of musk, vanilla essence and rose - which together mix into a pretty, romantic smell. I don't like 'heady' perfumes, but I loove vanilla (without it being TOO sweet), and this is the perfect middle ground for me. It also looks really beautiful lined up on my bedroom cabinet. 

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil // £19

If you were keeping up with my adventures in the Arctic last month (if not, you can check out my travel diary here), then you may have seen me raving about this lip oil. And it's a pretty mundane thing to get super excited over, right? Nope. I'm shamelessly loving it still. It doesn't have a colour, it won't make your lips any bigger, and it doesn't stay on for 24h++++. But it really protected my lips from the cold, made them feel so much less dry in the icy weather, and it repaired the redness around the sides of my lips (again, caused by the cold). I keep it in my handbag now and just use it whenever I need to. I promise you, it's worth investing in because the quality of it is just so lovely.

Invisibobble Bee Mine Duo Pack // £6.75

Okay so I haven't always been a lover of the Invisibobble. And actually, I stand by the fact that I feel like they do pull my hair more than a normal hair band (which they say they don't). But some people swear by them and I have friends that beg me to hand over any packs that I don't want. It wasn't until the other week when I used these new invisible nano bobbles to tie off a smaller braid, and I found the small size was perfect for doing that, that I started to appreciate them. Whether you love 'em or hate then, we all have to admit - they look really cute as minis!

Giorgio Armani Powder Fabric Foundation // £40

This is my new base obsession. After the Maestro Fusion foundation (which I love in the summer for its glow-enhancing formula), I didn't think I'd want to use another range, but this powder formula has been so perfect in winter. I did a whole review of it over here if you fancy finding out a little more.

L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay washes // £5.99 each

These are brand new, and only just in shops this month. I Instagrammed them a couple of days ago and everyone seems to be loving them already. Do you remember their clay mask range which came out last year? Well they were such a success, L'Oreal decided to expand the clay family and branch out into face washes. Just as in the mask range there's a purity, a detox and a glow mask (green, black and red), there's the same in a wash now. Pick your perfect one, depending on your skin type, or mix and match. Me, for example, I've been using the red 'glow' wash (which is actually a scrub), twice a week, and the detox wash at night when I really want to make sure all my make-up is off. Because clay plays such a big part in their ingredient list, they feel really gentle to use, even the detox one, which you'd assume would be a little harsher.

I'd say if you have sensitive skin, start off by using the purity wash, as  it has eucalyptus in it and is the most gentle. If you have oily, problematic skin - try the detox one as it should absorb some of those excess oils. And do use a scrub once or twice a week, especially in winter, because you need to shed off those dry skin cells so they don't block pores and cause spots.


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