Thursday, 30 March 2017

The new Nails inc super pretty long-wear shades for summer

When I got home from my holiday last week I had a surprise box waiting for me, and inside it were all the new summer shades from Nails inc!
Before I went away I had my gel nails done at one of their salons with a new light pink called Better Together (read the review here) from mindful mani collection, but I found it so tricky decide between that one and the four new spring/summer '17 colours. So, the lovely girls at Nails inc packed me up a box of all their latest launches, and I've been giving them all go (tough work, I know).

These four new long-wear polishes are the latest in a long line of cute launches, and before them were the gorgeous muted metallics from the Mindful Manicure range (definitely worth checking out). But what I love about these newbies is how on-point the hues are. I'm not a fan of orange or bright pink, if I'm honest. But Nails inc have taken what should be bold shades, and have given them a more wearable twist for girls like me - who like the idea of brighter colours - but also really suit pastel tones.

All priced at £11 each - which is reasonable, as a lot of their other shades cost £15 - you can pick from a lilac called Cambridge Grove, a colour pop pink called Harrington Gardens, a pastel blue-tinged green called Dovehouse Green, and a muted coral called Chelsea Lane.

Shade: Harrington Gardens 
Shade: Chelsea Lane
Shade: Dovehouse Green
Shade: Cambridge Grove
Their formula is created to last a little longer than a regular polish, and has a gel-like gloss to it. I've mentioned before that I'm a gel lover, and these don't compare to that, but as varnishes go, I do find these last me a little longer without chipping than most others. At the moment, wearing one of these shades, I can go two days before I need to touch up a nail. That sounds like no time at all, but I type a lot on my phone and computer, so my nails wear down very quickly.

All-in-all, I really love this new collection, and between these four shades I think I'm covered for summer! Have you tried either of these ranges yet? I'd love to know your thoughts!

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