Monday, 3 April 2017

This April I'm partnering up with The Super Elixir to see if I can swap sugar for protein

So technically we're three days into April already, but in my defence I'm a little late getting this announcement up because this weekend I was busy moving house. Which now is looking lovely, but even by yesterday afternoon it still looked like a bomb had hit it!

Right, sugar swap. SO, a few weeks ago WelleCo got in touch with me to let me know that they were running a campaign called #TheSuperElixir swap - where the aim is to swap out your daily sugary snack (like morning croissant, packet of crips, or in my case - really sugary coffee), and replace it with a protein treat instead. This could be a smoothie, some energy balls or a snack bar - all made using natural ingredients and a few scoops of Super Elixir Nourishing Protein (you can buy it here for yourself).

Why get involved?

The reason I liked the sound of this whole 'super swap' idea is because I already use this protein powder, so I was interested in challenging myself to find a few new ways to get it into my diet - and not just mixed into some milk and drunk in a rush. I also am ashamed to admit that I eat a fair amount of sugar in an average day. Like I mentioned before, I have a weakness for soya lattes with two packets of brown sugar - and brownies! I love chocolate and I like the taste of sweet things, so this Nourishing Protein ticks both of my criteria, in a much healthier way than a brownie would. 

What is The Super Elixir?

If you haven't heard of The Super Elixir before, it's the brainchild of Elle Macpherson (model and business woman with insane hair) and Aussie health company WelleCo. So, y'know, if she uses it and looks the way she does - then I'll take eight tubs pleasethankyou. It's different from your average tub of protein because it isn't made using whey - as a lot of people have trouble digesting this (I really do, it gives me terrible stomach cramps). Instead it's made up of plant and pea proteins, amino acids, and digestives enzymes - which all blend together to make this tasty powder that boosts your metabolism, helps alkalise your body and keeps weight and hormones in check. Oh, it's also vegan and comes in a vanilla flavour too, in case that floats your boat.

What snacks can you make with it?

Obviously the first thing many of us would think of making with a powder is a protein shake. But the whole idea about this swap is to change your sugary snack with something you still really want to eat - so I'll be shaking up my shakes this month with new recipes that have nut butters, fruits and vegetables in them. I like to make protein balls (or energy balls) as well - see my recent recipe here - so I'll be knocking up some of them using The Super Elixir. It also works really well in pancakes, healthy waffles, snack bars and desserts! Keep an eye on my Instagram (@Zoes.101) - and give me a follow if you aren't already - to see what healthy snacks I've been cooking up using it.

Why should you try the sugar-for-protein swap too?

I don't know about you, but these days I get home from work and I feel tired, bloated and I have very little energy. Even though I'm fit and healthy, I still don't feel like my body is working as well as it could. You get me? Now, there are several reasons I could be feeling like this, but a high-sugar diet could easily be to blame. It's not about taking all the fun out of your meals, it's more like seeing if swapping a couple of things could give you back your energy, and get your body and mind working more in synch. I know that's something I really need. So, as well as doing a little bit of sugar swapping, I'm also pledging to try and not get stressed about the little things. For me these little things are probably the thoughts of other people, because I get so hung up on what I think others are thinking about me (in daily life and on social media), that it ends up causing me a lot of stress. I'm saying bye Felicia to all of that this April.

I'd love it if you'd join me on this journey too, or if you have any healthy snack ideas that you love making. Just drop me a line below!


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