Saturday, 22 April 2017

Xen-Tan Fresh Tanning Mousse: No more dirty sheets!

As a keen advocate of completely hiding ones natural skin tone in the efforts to look like a bronzed goddess, it’s inevitable that my pursuits would lead me to trying out dozens of tans that promise me the perfect skin-finish.

And if you’re also a member of Tan Addicts Anonymous (no need to stand up, this is a safe place), then I’m betting you’ve also felt the disappointment of going to the huge effort of applying tan, spending a sleeplessly sticky night covered in it, and then the sheet changing the next day - because you’ve undoubtedly left a crime-scene shaped body outline on your posh (not Primark Home, obvs) covers.

It sucks, doesn’t it? I’m all up for putting the effort in, if I wake up in the morning pleased with my new shade - but that’s a rare event. Until I found the one tan that doesn't disappoint me in the morning. This isn’t a sponsored post by the way - in fact I think the PR for Xen-Tan (who, sadly for her, also happens to be my housemate) is getting bored of having to bring me home bottle after bottle. I tried to use other tans, all in the name of testing, but I always come back to this one. When the others put in a mediocre performance, this glorious mousse gives me back my faith in the fake stuff.

Xen-Tan Fresh Tanning Mousse // £33.99

It's not actually a new range - this mousse comes from their 'clean' collection, which launched over a year ago. But they obviously cottoned on to the fact that there was a gap in the market for a mess-free tan. It came out before the whole '1 hour tan' trend started to kick off, and I actually prefer this overnight mousse to those speedy-development formulas - even though they also offer a cleaner alternative to the old tans.

The fresh tan might be priced a tad above the majority of what you'll come across in drug stores, but a little of this goes a long way. Because it's such a light and foamy mousse, it's easy to spread over your skin, and you feel like you've got a good coat after just one pump. I'd say about two pumps does one leg for me, so one bottle usually lasts me a couple of months. The smell of the actual tan is also really fresh (hence, the name), and even when it's developing, it doesn't have that standard 'burnt biscuit' aroma. But, by far the best thing about it is that it leaves no residue.

You read that right. It leaves no stains or orange smudges on your sheets, on your pyjamas or even on your towel. I wore white pj pants with a tight elasticated drawstring, and they were still completely white in the morning. It's incredible. It means I don't have to wash my sheets, or plan my tanning days around when I can wash them. It's given me the freedom to tan to my little heart's content. 

Xen-Tan Fresh Tanning Mousse (how it looks when you've pumped it out)
I’ve just given it a big ego now, but so let’s bring it down a tad. It does have a couple of downsides - not really for me, but I’m thinking of you lot. If you like a REALLY dark and Morrocan-looking tan then even the dark shade of this will come out to a medium tone (on my skin, anyway). You can definitely build it up over a few days to a darker colour, but if you want that 8-hours-to-mahogany, then this probably isn’t it. Because the whole ‘clean’ part of it comes from the white, un-tinted, mousse - it doesn’t have a guide colour. That can be worrying for some people, as it’s tricky to see if you’ve missed any patches. I’m no genius at tan applying and I’ve never woken up to white patches and streaks from using this, but I can appreciate the fact that you might just prefer to have that guide colour. 

Have you tried it? I'd love to know if you love it as much as I do

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