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Ciate new Glow-To Highlighter & Bamboo Bronzers review

It's no secret, I love a highlighter. If I could take three products away on holiday with me, it would be a bronzer, a highlighter and a mascara. So when I got the mailer for the new Ciate bronzer and highlighter duos I couldn't wait to give them a try.
I've always liked Ciate. I did a whole swatch sesh last year when they brought out that huge liquid velvet lip collection, and since then it's been one of my most-used make-up brands. It's not the cheapest, with most of their products around the YSL and Clarins price point, but the quality is good, and I always know I'm going to like it.

Their latest launches for summer are two new highlighters and two new bronzers, and they're housed in some of the prettiest mirrored compacts I've seen (definitely worth the handbag space!).

Ciate Bamboo Bronzers, £24 each

The formula

- Light-weight and oil controlling
- Infused with botanical ingredients like bamboo powder (to reduce shine)
- Buildable colour so you can choose how sunkissed you go
- Comes in a mirrored star compact

The Bamboo Bronzer range isn't brand new, there's 12 shades in the whole collection, but these two are the newest of the shades. There's a light caramel-y one called Palm Island and a darker, warm-toned one called South Beach. 

I love that there's so many shades to pick from now, because no one has a one-shade-fits-all skin tone, and I like it when a brand can offer options for everyone. I often find with bronzers that I'm put off by really dark tones, as I'm worried about looking orange. But others might look for a really deep one. These two new shades are on the lighter side - with Palm Island even too light for my skin tone. I've used it as an all-over powder actually and it gives me a little bit of a tint. South Beach is my perfect shade - it's the perfect middle ground between too dark and too light. If you want any of the other shades, I don't think they're available in this fancy little star compact yet, but the formula remains the same.

It's easy to apply, and by that I mean the powder isn't loose enough to accidentally get too much on your brush and manically try and wipe it off your face. I also like that it isn't really shimmery - I prefer to add any light and sparkle in with a highlighter not a bronzer. But, my favourite thing about this compact is how well it absorbs oil. In summer, my face gets so shiny and I like my powders to take some of that away - and this really helps keep the areas I want to be matte, stay matte. 

Ciate Glow-To Highlighters, £26 each

The formula

- A weightless powder with a long-wear finish
- 'Second skin' feel
- A creamy-feeling powder with intense pearly pigments
-  Also comes in a mirrored star compact

These highlighters are brand new, and a good idea as Ciate's Dewy Stix highlighters did so well. I liked them, but I don't tend to use stick-formulas because I feel they always scuff up the rest of the make-up Ive already applied - I much prefer a powder that glides on top, leaving my base unsmudged.

The best thing about these is how soft the powder is - it could almost be a cream. It sort of reminds me of that Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, but without it actually being a mousse. It's so easy to sweep onto your skin, and oh, SO pigmented. The glow is real with these. You can see from the snap below, but I literally just dabbed my finger on the powder and that was how much it transferred.

It's a good thing, but you do have to be a little careful, if you want an understated glow, as it is so easily picked up on your fingers or a brush. But I promise, it's one of the best highlighters I've ever used. You can choose from the champagne shade called Starburst or a rose-gold tinged one called Moondust (my favourite).

If you give them a go and let me know how you get on!

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