Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Is your wardrobe missing a little white dress? This £38 might just be for you

I'd say about half my wardrobe is white, or some form of cream. My friends marvel at how I can wear it and not be worried about spilling coffee down it. I love how clean I feel wearing white, I love how it highlights a tan, and let's face it - everything goes with it, so styling is simple.
I'm not short on little white dresses either, but the problem I have is finding a day when I can actually wear them. Unless it's a birthday, or a really sunny day (almost happens as often as the birthday!), they hang sadly in my wardrobe, waiting for an outing. But I've recently found one that's already had so much use, and it's only £38.

Glamorous Tall All Over Lace Cold Shoulder Skater Dress // Asos

x Embroidered lace
x Cold-shoulder design
 x Tie front
x Relaxed fit

There's so many things I love about it. First off, it's from the Tall range so I knew before I ordered it that it wouldn't show my underwear. Win. I'm 5ft7.5 so I find some brands on Asos come up too short on me. It's also got sleeves, which means I won't be put off wearing it at work (the aircon is a whole other level of arctic) - but it has an exposed shoulder so it doesn't look bulk. It's like the in-between ground of wearing a strappy dress, but not wanting to freeze. I also love the lace detail and the slight ruching round the bottom - it makes it look and feel really luxe. The fabric itself feels thick, and the skirt is double lined so you'll never see through it. The top has been left semi-sheer, so I find wearing a lacy white triangle bra under works perfectly.

The only downside is it's hand wash only, I'm assuming because of the lace. But I'm just never planning on getting it dirty. It's so comfy, I've had so many compliments on it, and I feel good in it - what more can you ask for from a dress?
Love it, you can get one here!

Shoes: Ego 
Sunglasses: New Look
Black bag: H&M

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