Tuesday, 13 June 2017

MAC Fruity Juicy Collection Eyeshadow Palette review

I realised I hadn't done a post in a little while when my mum said 'I'm not getting any of those Zoe 101 emails anymore' with a sad face emoji. She's right, I haven't been writing.  
It's not that I haven't wanted to, but a few things have happened in my life recently and I've lost a bit of inspiration. Or a lot. BUT I'm back, and I'm feeling okay, and I can't think of anything better to get  going with than this insanely beautiful new MAC palette.

I live for MAC's seasonal collections - their Christmas one last year was a Nutcracker theme, and it was actually magical. This year, the theme of their summer collection is fruity & juicy. Think bright Brazilian-style colours and a whole load of gloss and glitter. I'm dying to get my hands on the two Cremesheen lipgloss shades, but to tide me over I've got this amazing little eyeshadow palette.


I usually go for palettes with golds and browns, just because I know those shades suit me and I know how to blend them together. But this summer I've actually branched out a little and I've started to wear more peachy tones. And, after I saw this snap of Gigi Hadid, I really wanted to try more pinky colours on my eyes. 

I actually think this is the perfect palette to copy this look, because it has the deep fuchsia, the red and a rose gold sparkle - which all make up Gigi's bold smoky eye. I say bold, because even if you use a wash of deep pink or red, it's still quite tricky to pull off (no one wants the whole 'eye infection' effect).

Because the shades are so pigmented, what I've found works best is to start with a thin wash of the colour across my lids, then I can build it up if I want. I like to take the shimmery shade under my lower lashes, and not the red, just because I've found it's more wearable, then I take the deeper shades and sweep them over my upper lid - finishing by dotting some of the shimmer in the centre of both lids - to give it a little dimension. The dark plum on the end is also great for the lower lash line, as it gives it a more smoky look.

MAC Fruity Juicy palette - the shimmer, the red and the fuchsia shade (for re-creating Gigi's look!)
All-in-all - amazing shades, great staying power, and a good mix of matte and shimmery shades. What more could you want from a palette?

What do you think? Is red something you'd ever dare trying on your eyes?

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