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Three new base products I've tried, tested and loved this week

IT Cosmetics CC Cream review
After my week without wearing foundation, and now that my tan has faded considerably, I thought it was as good a time as any to try out some new liquid base products.
If you didn't read about my foundation-free holiday, then have a little read here. It did my skin the world of good. Unfortunately the pollution in London means I don't feel quite as comfortable leaving my skin bare, like I did in Barbados. So I've been having a look for tinted base products that make my skin look fresh, but won't clog my pores.

I've discovered three that I absolutely love - one foundation, one CC and one liquid blush, and I mix them all to create a really lovely, natural base.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC + SPF50 Cream // £30

This CC cream isn't brand new - it's actually been raved about by bloggers and beauty editors for a while now. But if you haven't really heard of the brand, then that's because before last month, when it launched into Selfridges, it was only really available in the US.

The whole idea of 'it' is that it's formulated for people with skin problems like rosacea. That means the concealers and foundations are all high coverage, but really gentle and caring on the skin - so as not to aggravate the condition further. I've wanted to get my hands on the CC cream for ages, and now I have done, I won't go back.

It feels like a moisturiser/foundation hybrid, but still pigmented at the same time. It gives a really good level of coverage but without making my skin feel like it's caked in some pore-clogging layer. I always try and take my make-up off before going to the gym, but I've worn this a few times and forgotten to wipe it off - and I don't get the usual blemishes I would have gotten had I worn my usual foundation. 

IT Cosmetics CC Cream review

The Ordinary Serum Foundation SPF15 // £5.70

When these first launched, there was a huge waiting list of people dying to get their hands on one. Back in April I think the list reached 25k! Because of the hype around the quirky brand (they've got a track record of coming out with amazing skincare), and the seriously low price point, I was among those who wanted a bottle.

It's taken me a few months but I've got one too. My first impression of it was: 'Oh it's very runny', and you can probably see that from the cotton pad swatch - it sinks into the material, unlike the CC that stays as a blob. I couldn't see how it would give any coverage - but it does.

It feels really light to apply, exactly like using a serum, and the bonus of that is that it feels weightless during the day. I kept forgetting I was wearing foundation. It's also got SPF in it, so it's a good option as a holiday base. I mix a few blobs of this in shade 2.1 in with the medium shade CC cream (as it's a little too light for my tone), and together I find they make such a dewy, flawless base.

Swatches left to right: It Cosmetics CC in the medium shade; The Ordinary Serum Foundation in shade 2.1 & Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush
Clockwise from top: The Ordinary Serum Foundation, It Cosmetics CC, Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush

Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush // £23

Up until this summer, I was quite anti liquid blushers and highlighters. I preferred how easily powder formulas built up, lasted and didn't dislodge the make-up underneath. But i've had a bit of a change of heart, and this blush is one of the main reasons.

If you aren't aware, Orgasm is Nars' most popular pink shade - and it used to be available in a powder compact form, in a lipgloss, a stick and as an illuminator. I know a lot of people who swear by it, but I never gave it a real go, I was always like ' 'meh, how good can it really be?'

But THIS is amazing. It's not a weedy pigment, it's super saturated and feels thick and creamy. You only need a little blob for both cheeks as a little goes a long way. The shade of pink is perfect, and the finish is slightly dewy - kind of like you've just woken up from a really good nap and you feel fresh and a little flushed. It's completely converted me away from powders, and I actually think it being a liquid means it blends better into the rest of my make-up (which is predominantly liquid as well).

It's only just launched and I can't see it in stock online, but do keep your eye open for it because it really is amazing.

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