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You found me - great. My SEO training is working wonders.
I'm Zoe. You can shorten it to 'Zo' but that seems a little unnecessary. If you're asking if I've named myself after Zoey 101 (that show where Britney's teenage sister got preggers in actual life when she was on it), then yes, sort of. But I'm thinking '101' more in the sense of 'the basics'. Whether that's a beauty product or wellness tip - the whole idea of my site is to tell you about them in a bitesize way that won't bore you.

I don't blog full time because I have rent on a flat in London to pay. But I do work as a beauty journalist in the day, so I'm lucky enough to get to try out all the new beauty launches and get paid to do it (the actual dream). Because I have such great products at my fingertips, it means I only review the products that I really love, so what you read on here will always be something I would recommend to friends and family. As with all blogs though, I have a disclaimer so scroll down below to have a little read of it (snore, I know, but I have to be official n'all).

I love to talk, so get in touch with me at, or drop me a comment on any post.


*Products marked with a [*] are paid for product reviews, but I'll always give my honest feedback on all my posts, and I will never feature anything that doesn't fit with my ethos and brand.

* All photos are my own, taken by me using either my Olympus Pen E-PL7 or my Canon 1000D. If you'd like to use any of my photography then please get in touch.

* PR samples: I do accept samples, but because I already work in beauty I have access to a lot of new launches. There's no guarantee that by sending me something I will review it, so it's best to get in touch with me first. 

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